The referring party normally requests that the other party pays the fees and expense of the adjudicator.

It is for the Adjudicator to decide who should pay his costs. Usually the costs fall to the losing party, however this is not always the case and will depend upon the relative conduct of the parties and whether each party has won on some issues. However, both parties are jointly and severally liable for the Adjudicators fees so if the losing party defaults or becomes insolvent the adjudicator can demand payment from the other party.

In most contracts, together with the Scheme for Construction Contracts, each party must pay for their own legal, expert or commercial advice. Some parties prefer to employ solicitors and other legal experts in addition to Quantity Surveyors. However we have the legal and surveying qualifications and experience necessary to avoid such additional expense and thus keep the process as cost effective as possible.

Adjudication will not necessarily achieve final settlement of a dispute, as either party has the right to have the same dispute heard afresh in court, however, from approximately 1000 construction Adjudications in the UK each year, some 80% are accepted as the final result.