Our Quantity Surveying Services

T P Feeney & Co Ltd specialise in the resolution of  construction related disputes.

We are a small but highly experienced company who offer a cost effective personal service as the need arises, to ensure that problem contracts are resolved to the satisfaction of our clients either as an independent Arbitrator, or as a representative of a single party (main contractor or sub-contractor).

The requirement may simply consist of re-measurement of quantum and valuation of variations/compensation events. Or it could be that our client is experiencing payment problems and requires sound professional advice on the way forward.

With decades of experience we have successfully resolved many construction accounts using objective analysis of the history of the contract, leading to clear and demonstrable conclusions.

We are able to advise our clients upon entitlement to loss and expense and/or damages and can also produce clear, unambiguous and robust construction claims or defence.

Settlement by negotiation is our aim. However in situations where a dispute is unable to be settled we are experts in Construction Law and have years of experience in the Adjudication Referral process as governed by the Housing, Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 and the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009. If necessary we are able to produce a referral for submission to an Adjudicator and act as our client’s agent in Adjudication to obtain a favourable financial outcome.

Whether you are a If you are a subcontractor, main contractor or employer/developer. If you have a construction dispute or potential dispute, we can offer an affordable solution. 

We can provide the following Services:

  • Independent Arbitration service.
  • Forensic Delay Analysis / Advice on delay and disruption claim entitlement / Advice on contract conditions including validity of contract terms / Loss and Expense Claims Preparation / Claim Defence.
  • Dispute Resolution - analysis of dispute and advice on options for settlement.
  • Production of documentation for referral of construction disputes to Adjudication.
  • Measurement / Bills of Quantities for tendering / Subcontract procurement purposes in accordance with Smm7 / Nrm / CESmm / Highwayworks.
  • Post contract Commercial Management / Commercial support / Account Administration.
  • Post contract valuation and agreement of Compensation Events / Variations.
  • Procurement / Administration / Interim Valuation / Final Account including review and settlement of final accounts in dispute.
  • Adjudication / Arbitration Representation.
  • Building / Civil Engineering / Highways / Rail